Lab Achievements

June 2020--Graduate Student Wins Prestigious Fellowship and Research Award

Congratulations to graduate student Mindy Truong who won the Marshall Outstanding Researcher Award. Further, Mindy was also awarded the Marshall Global Branding Fellowship. This is a competitive fellowship and is be awarded on the basis of merit (quality of dissertation proposal as well as student’s vita, working papers, etc.) to outstanding students in their 4th, 5th & 6th year. 

May 2020--Congratulations to Graduating CDP Lab Research Assistants

Congratulations to our graduating undergraduate research assistants Nick, Hridee, and Amanda on completing their bachelor's programs. Also, congrats to graduate research assistant Veronica Perry on earning her Masters in Communication Management. Veronica was awarded the Order of Arête, the highest honor accorded to graduate students upon completion of their academic program. 


We are so proud of everyone's accomplishments!

March 2020--Dr. Townsend promoted to Associate Professor of Management and Organization, with Tenure

We are excited to announce that Dr. Townsend has been promoted to Associate Professor of Management and Organization, with tenure. A well deserved accomplishment!

February 2020--Lab Manager Accepts Offer from Competitive Graduate School Program

Lab manager, Liz Quinn, will be joining the Social Psychology doctoral program at the University of California Santa Barbara where she will be working under the mentorship of Drs. Zoe Liberman & Brenda Major.

February 2020--Research Assistant wins Emerging Scholar Award for the 2020 International Conference on Knowledge, Culture, and Change in Organizations.

Research Assistant, Veronica Perry, was awarded Emerging Scholar Award for the 2020 International Conference on Knowledge, Culture, and Change in Organizations, to be held May 27-28 at the University of Illinois at Chicago. 

February 2020--Research Assistant Accepted into PhD Program at Texas A&M University

CDP Lab member, Veronica Perry, was accepted into the PhD Communications program at Texas A&M University. We are proud of her!

December 2019--Dr. Townsend featured in Poets & Quants as "Professor of the Week"

Dr. Townsend was featured in Poets & Quants as "Professor of the Week." Read the full article here!

December 2019--Dr. Townsend selected as Panelist for 2019 From Day One forum

Dr. Townsend was invited to speak on a panel "Crafting a Corporate Culture That Means Something" at the 2019 From Day One forum in Los Angeles, CA on December 11th. More information about the event can be found here.

September 2019--Conference Symposium Announcements


Graduate Student, Mindy Truong, along with Dr. Townsend, had her symposium titled, "Diversifying Intergroup Relations Research: Differences and Similarities across Marginalized Groups,"accepted to the 2020 Society of Personality and Social Psychology Conference in New Orleans, Louisana!

Lab manager, Liz Quinn, along with co-chair Dr. Allison Skinner, also had her symposium titled, “Couples as Social Units: Examining Reactions to Counter-Normative Couples” accepted to the 2020 Society of Personality and Social Psychology Conference! 

Congrats to both!

September 2019--Former SCIP Lab Research Assistant Gets Accepted into Harvard 

SCIP alumni, Yuefan Sun, was accepted into the Human Development and Psychology program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Congrats, Yuefan!

August 2019--Graduate Student Chosen for the Harvard BIG Doctoral Workshop

Graduate student, Mindy Truong was chosen to attend competitive Harvard Business School Big Ideas Doctoral Workshop. Information about the workshop can be found here.

August 2019--Lab Manager Wins Undergraduate Research Paper Award

CDP Lab Manager, Liz Quinn, was awarded first place in the annual American Psychology-Law Society’s best undergraduate paper award competition. We are proud of her!

January 2019--Article in Politico 

Dr. Townsend, along with collaborator Dr. Nicole Stephens, published an article on Politico titled, The unseen reason working-class students drop out. Check it out here

December 2018--New Undergraduate Research Assistants

The CDP Lab would like to welcome three new RAs to the lab: Irene Fu, Louis Arbarca, and Trissha Kunzru! 

October 2018--Award Announcement

Lab Manager, Liz Quinn, was chosen as an SPSP Diversity Undergraduate Registration Award recipient for the 2019 SPSP Convention.  Congratulations!

September 2018--New Undergraduate Research Assistants

The CDP Lab would like to welcome four new RAs: Luana Yasmashita, Crystal Aguuilera, Jenny Lee, and Celeste Pane. We are happy to have you on the team!

September 2018--Publication Announcement

Dr. Sarah Townsend and graduate student, Stephanie Smallets (with N. Stephens, and M. Hamedani), had a manuscript accepted by Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. The paper is titled, Empowerment through difference: An online difference-education intervention closes the social class achievement gap.

Dr. Sarah Townsend also had another manuscript (with N. Stephens and A. Dittmann) accepted by Current Directions in Psychological Science. The paper is titled, Social class disparities in higher education and in the workplace: The role of cultural mismatch.


Sincere congratulations to both of you on this excellent news!

September 2018--Conference Announcement

Graduate Student, Mindy Truong, was selected to present a poster at the 2019 2019 Society for Personality & Social Psychology Convention in Portland, OR. Her poster is titled, "Social Class Bicultural Identity Integration Benefits People from Working-Class Backgrounds in Middle-Class Contexts." 


Lab Manager, Liz Quinn, was also selected to present a poster at SPSP. Her poster, which features research from her undergraduate thesis, is titled, "Induced Disgust Leads to a Decreased Likelihood of Applying Hate Crime Statute in Hate Crimes Against Gay Men." Congratulations, Mindy & Liz!

August 2018--Conference Announcement

Graduate Students, Stephanie Smallets & Mindy Truong, were selected participants for the Organizational Behavior Doctoral Consortium at the 78th Annual Meeting of Academy of Management, hosted in Chicago, IL. Stephanie's talk was titled, "Crossing the class divide: Responses to anticipated cross-class interactions," and Mindy's talk was titled, "People from Working-class Backgrounds Benefit from Social Class Bicultural Identity Integration."

Additionally, Mindy also co-chaired the symposium titled, "​Harnessing Research on the Effects of Economic and Social Class Inequality to Improve Lives. "

August 2018--CDP Lab Welcomes New Lab Manager

The CDP lab is thrilled to welcome Liz Quinn as our new lab manager. Liz comes from Northwestern University and brings a wealth of research experience from her previous lab, the Social Cognition & Intergroup Processes (SCIP) Lab under the advisement of Dr. Sylvia Perry.

June 2018--Grant Award Announcement

CDP graduate student, Stephanie Smallets, received a $2,500 dissertation grant from the USC Marshall School of Business. Congrats, Steph!

June 2018--Lab Manager Gets Accepted in Ph.D Program

Former Lab Manager, Brittany Torrez, was accepted into the Yale School of Management. We are proud of her!

April 2018--Grant Award Annoucement

Dr. Sarah Townsend won a Lord Foundation Award in the amount of $100,000 for her research project entitled “Difference-Education: An Intervention to Reduce Inequality and Improve Intergroup Understanding.” In this research project, Dr. Townsend will examine the experience of cultural mismatch between the norms of individuals and the norms typically promoted at work or on campus. Workplace norms are frequently powerfully shaped by White, middle-to-upper class cultural norms, and as a result, people of color, women, as well as those from low-income or working-class backgrounds, can experience cultural mismatch. 

April 2018--Appointment Announcement

Dr. Sarah Townsend has been appointed the Kenneth King Stonier Assistant Professor of Business Administration. Named chairs and professorships are among the highest honors bestowed by the university on the faculty. Established in 2015, the Kenneth King Stonier Assistant Professor of Business Administration recognizes Assistant Professors for their outstanding record of scholarly contributions to their fields. 

April 2018--Conference Announcement

Our amazing Honors Thesis student, Jessica Wynn, presenting her research on race, gender and belonging at the Undergraduate Research Symposium for Scholarly and Creative Work.

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